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Ladies Orange Calcite and Aqua Agate Earrings

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A blast of colours comes together to form the ideal accessory for your boho summer looks! The two stones, one smooth and another sensationally textured to toy with light reflections, feature orange calcite and aqua agate colours that will captivate onlookers. The both are hugged beautifully in an 18ct gold plated frame with a fixed hook which you can easily tighten around your lobe for a secure and adjustable fit. The two parts of the frame are joined by two discreet circles, allowing the bottom part of the earring to move graciously with the wearer's movements! These handmade gold plated stone earrings aren't just unique creations that you will instantly fall in love with. They are also delicately created with non allergenic material so they are suited for sensitive skin types, and crafted with love by our e&e team! If you want to add to your look, we suggest going all out and pairing them with e&e's X ear cuff in 18ct gold plated silver that will make your look all the more interesting!