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Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish

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The Le Creuset 26cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Dish is ideal for casseroles, stews, pot roasting and perfect for preparing soups and rice dishes, even for baking. The essential kitchen classic from Le Creuset, suitable for all heat sources including induction. Made from premium quality cast iron which ensures an even cook and that your food stays hotter for longer. 

26cm Cast Iron Shallow Casserole Features

  • Premium quality cast iron
  • Bright enameled finish
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction
  • Dishwasher and oven safe
  • Not suitable for the freezer or microwave
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Diameter: 26cm

Le Creuset's Ref.

MPN: 211802609, 211802606, 21180267222430, 211802620, 2118026536, 211802617, 2118026640, 2118026431, 21178277164430, 2118026444, 21802600, 21180265242430
Colour: Deep Teal, Volcanic, Cerise, Ultra Violet, Marseille, Marine, Teal, Rosemary, Coastal Blue, Cotton, Meringue, Flint and Satin Black, Cosmos Black
024147263302, 024147263296, 024147263319, 024147303145, 024147263654, 024147263289, 024147263326, 024147278399, 024147308720, 024147317180
Sizes: 26cm
PM Ref. 893140 1603724

Philip Morris Direct Hereford

Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee on the Le Ceuset cookware collection. Clear heirlooms in the making!

Diameter: 26cm Capacity: 2.2L