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Le Creuset 14cm 3 Ply Stainless Steel Milk Pan

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Le Creuset 14cm 3 Ply Stainless Steel Milk Pan. This amazing milkpan by Le Creuset is an excellent choice for making hot milk and cocoa, sauces and even porridge for your breakfast. The whole pan is constructed from two layers of stainless steel with an aluminium core, which ensures amazingly even heat distribution from base to rim. This helps to prevent the hot-spots that can burn your food. Additionally, the handle is secured to the base with stainless steel rivets to ensure that this pan will remain part of your kitchen for many years to come.

14cm 3 Ply Stainless Steel Milk Pan Features

  • Triple layered stainless steel
  • All round lip for drip free pouring
  • Can be used on all hobs, including induction
  • Suitable for left and right handed use
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Handles secured with rivets
  • Non-stick coating

Le Creuset 3-ply stainless steel pans are made using a high technology, triple-layer system. An aluminium core is sandwiched between two layers of premium quality stainless steel which includes special magnetic steel making the pans suitable for use on induction hobs. The multi-layering continues throughout the whole pan ensuring excellent heat conduction performance from base to rim preventing hot spots.

Le Creuset's Ref.

MPN: 962012141
Colour: Stainless Steel
Sizes: 14cm
Capacity: 1.3L
Ref. 893282

Philip Morris Direct Hereford


Le Creuset offers a Lifetime Guarantee on its 3-ply stainless steel products. The guarantee applies from the date of purchase for the lifetime of the original owner, whether a self purchase or received as a gift. The guarantee covers faulty workmanship and/or materials when the product is used in normal, domestic conditions and in accordance with the care and use instructions provided. It does not cover normal wear and tear, commercial use or misuse of the product. To claim under the guarantee please return the product, with proof of purchase, to the place of purchase or to the Le Creuset Head Office address for your country of residence. Defective cookware will be repaired or (if repair is not possible) replaced free of charge with a similar product or one of equivalent value if the original product is no longer in production. Please note that in the case of a set, only the faulty item will be replaced. The following are excluded from the terms and conditions of the guarantee:

  • Heat-resistant glass lids
  • Single layer products, e.g. steaming inserts, accessories
  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear, accident, misuse, abuse or commercial use.
  • Scratches, stains, discolouration, corrosion or damage from overheating, to the interior or exterior of the pan. This also includes the non-stick coating.
  • Consequential damage is expressly excluded from this guarantee.
  • A slight yellowing of the surface can occasionally happen after heating. This is completely harmless and does not affect the performance of the pan and is therefore excluded from the guarantee.

The guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.



Damage from overheating is instantly recognisable as the stainless steel surface may change colour producing a golden/brown/blue appearance. This is not reversible and cannot be cleaned off. However it will not alter performance in any way. Items with a non-stick surface may also become discoloured and in severe cases the coating may detach from the pan in the form of blistering or peeling.


Score marks or severe scratching by heavy use of metal utensils is not covered by the guarantee. Such damage is permanent and will result in the reduction of release performance on the non-stick surface.

Cleaning Non-stick Pans

After each use, cool the pan for a few minutes before cleaning then wash thoroughly. The tough, reinforced non-stick coating offers excellent food release and is therefore very easy to clean. To maintain the appearance and performance of the non-stick coating, we recommend washing by hand in hot soapy water rather than cleaning in the dishwasher. This will prolong the life of the non-stick surface and enhance cooking performance. If the non-stick pan is cleaned in the dishwasher, use only domestic strength dishwashing detergent (we recommend non-lemon varieties) the cooking surface should be re-conditioned with vegetable or corn oil before each subsequent use. Please note, prolonged, regular dishwashing may eventually mark or discolour any item of cookware and affect the release properties of non-stick surfaces. This regarded as normal wear and tear and is not covered by the Lifetime Guarantee.