Posted by Dean Johnston, WINERZ LTD on 29th Apr 2022

Sell Online For Free

So you have a service or product and you wish to start selling online for free?


Maybe you have a service or you have a product or perhaps you have both and you don't realise that yet? Let that be food for thought for you because selling online opportunities are endless. WINERZ can help you! With our help, you can snap up an exceptional offer with BigCommerce and grab 15 days free! OK so it isn't entirely selling online for free but this is a premium service and is the closest you're going to get selling online for free with a premium service.

15 days free

So to start your new online business you just need to sign up for this 15 days free offer and you can then choose a website template. BigCommerce really have thought of everything and you can get a free website template that's all ready for selling online straight out of the box from BigCommerce. Choose from a selection of templates that are free or if you wish select a design that you need to pay for, the choice really is yours. It's simply a matter of taste and what look you would like to achieve.

You've Got The Look

You've Got The Look

So now you have got the look right, you need the right domain name. Getting this part right can determine how easy your customers find your website. Consider keeping it as short as you can and direct to the point. WINERZ can offer free guidance in this area if required or you will find hundreds of ideas online if you look for them. The domain has two main uses. 1) A quick, easy and memorable name so the visitor remembers what it is. 2) A brand name that your customer will recognise and trust.

Offer a Secure Buying Experience

Your customers will only want to part with their hard earnt money if they trust the website they're on and their browser tells them it's a secure place to buy from. BigCommerce offers a free SSL certificate which is a certificate awarded to websites if they adhere to safety rules and strict security guidelines. Because the SSL cert is offered free of charge it means you get all the security you need for your customers at no extra cost. Most ecommerce website providers charge between £70 and £200 per year for this service but BigCommerce includes this with every website package so it is included in your monthly fee.

You must be thinking by now; this monthly fee is going to be high. After all, how could you get so much included in the monthly fee if it'snot expensive. Well you would be wrong if you were thinking that, the standard all inclusive packages start from as litlle as £29 per month. And if you don't have to upgrade until your income exceeds 50k per year and even then it is only £69 per month so it really is premium at a great price.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Accept Credit Card Payments

Once you have have agreed which credit card company to use, you can start selling online and concentrate on getting the professional look you need. Products sell better with attractive images with white backgrounds. Yes, lifestyle images also help the customer to decide whether to buy the item but clear, clean images can get visitors thinking about buying off you.

Website Planning

Website planning is a must. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and ask yourself what would you want. Provide visitors with an easy to navigate website. What would you need to help you navigate around your website? Some visitors will find the product they want immediately from Google or Bing search engines and they're directed straight to the product page. Others will land on your website and will use the search tool to find whatthey are looking for. Whereas a lot of potential customers will use your menus and your website navigation to find what they're looking for. What if a visitor found your website and was simply browsing stumbled across a product and decided to buy it? This just has to be the great feeling when you see it happen in the analytics and stats. This coupled with visitors who are already planning to buy from you, equals a very lucrative online business.

WINERZ Can Help You

WINERZ LTD can help you setup what you need with BigCommerce or can simply offer you some advice. If you already have an online store WINERZ can help you load them into your new BigCommerce website. A full and comprehensive SEO (search engine optimisation) check and styling are just an email away.

If you're looking for assistance then drop us a message and we can point you in the right direction or can help you with some or all of the work. BigCommerce is very easy to use so the amount you do yourself is up to you. We have some clients who ask us to setup everything and we do all the work on a hourly basis, yet we've had some new website owners who just need help with getting the free trial and they do all the work themselves. The amount of time and money you spend is your choice but don't forget to use our 15 day offer and test it for free.

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Sell Online For Free